To young to retire – To old to get a new job?

Job Search - Decision Making - Better Planning - Not just for the younger generation.  I heard a discussion this morning on Midlands 103 about people who are receiving long term unemployment payments. The topic gave rise to the a number of themes including one about people who have “retired” from employment and are finding … Continue reading To young to retire – To old to get a new job?

Researching and Exploring Courses

Researching and Exploring Courses

Attending Career Expo's and Higher Options events should not be left until students are in their final leaving certificate year. Attending these events  while students are more concerned with study and points,  leaves very little time for follow up research. Leaving Cert students do not always have time to investigate the myriad of courses available, … Continue reading Researching and Exploring Courses

The Interview Process – What went Wrong?

You were absolutely thrilled to get invited to interview - You researched the organisation - Googled the Website - You read the latest news about the sector - You studied the Job Specification again and aligned it with your CV - You practised the expected interview questions - You got to grips with competency interview … Continue reading The Interview Process – What went Wrong?